12 Ways to Recover from a Failed Relationship

Recognize where you are right now Your relationship with a significant other has just ended. It doesn’t matter if you were on the giving end or the receiving end of the breakup; all that matters is what your feeling about it right now. Just about everyone that has ever been in a meaningful relationship has

5 Paths to Happiness and why you’re probably on the Wrong Path

  I want to be happy Am I safe in suggesting that everyone wants to be happy?  I think I am, but what is holding many people from finding that happiness?  I can probably guess that they are searching for it in the wrong place. You see, happiness, and even unhappiness, is not something that

5 Expectations for My Paleo Diet Lifestyle

You can bet that the vast majority of diet-related advice is given to people that need to lose weight.  I’m not going to do that because, in my situation, I feel that I need to gain weight.  I need to gain muscle mass as my sedentary lifestyle of the past several years has led to

Time to go Paleo

Time to make some changes A couple weeks ago I had some blood tests taken mostly because I’m diabetic but also because it’s been a couple years since I’ve checked my numbers. When they came back, I found that my good cholesterol was too low, my bad cholesterol was too high, my blood pressure was

How does the Law of Attraction Explain Tragedy

Law of Attraction and Tragedy How does the Law of Attraction explain tragedy?  That was the question asked of me at one of my small group meetings yesterday.  I’ve wanted to address this question for a while but especially in light of the tragic events that just happened in Orlando, Florida earlier in the week

Being Healthy Affirmation

Steps to Declutter and Open up the Law of Attraction

If you find yourself stressed out because your attempts to manifest with the Law of Attraction keep failing, then maybe it’s time to declutter your surroundings. It’s a known fact that clutter is a symptom of stress and excessive clutter will be a distraction to you while attempting to deliberately create or attract something using

How to Find Your Soulmate Using the Law of Attraction

Describe your Soulmate The very first thing you should do when you’re trying to use the Law of Attraction to find your soulmate is to have a clear idea of who your soulmate is.  Describe your soulmate’s physical appearance and define his/her personality. What kind of movies does he like?  What kind of music does

Success and Abundance Affirmation

Limiting Self Beliefs is like Having Bugs on the Brain

You Have Bugs in Your Brain Limiting self beliefs are the bugs I’m talking about and soon you will understand how they are affecting your entire life. Not too long ago some Japanese and German scientists working on the Fujitsu K supercomputer were able to mimic one second of what an average brain computes in
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