How to Find Your Soulmate Using the Law of Attraction


Describe your Soulmate

The very first thing you should do when you’re trying to use the Law of Attraction to find your soulmate is to have a clear idea of who your soulmate is.  Describe your soulmate’s physical appearance and define his/her personality.

What kind of movies does he like?  What kind of music does he like?  Does he like children or want a family?  What does he do for a living?  What does he do for fun?

You should be able to answer all of these questions for your potential soulmate but be sure you can answer them for yourself as well.

Don’t Focus on a Specific Person Unless you are already in a Committed Relationship

When you use the Law of Attraction to try and manifest love, be careful not to focus on a specific person unless you are certain that person is really who you want to share your love with.  I say this because it is easy to focus on what you want but when dealing with other people there may be a lot of resistance, depending on what that other person is putting out to the universe.

Several years ago I found myself single again and looking back at all my past relationships.  There was one person that really stood out because she was my first love.  She was the first person I said “I love you” to and the first person to ever say those words to me.  She was my  first real sweetheart but like most relationships that start out as young love, this relationship ended because we were on different life paths.

The relationship ended when I was just 20, and soon after we lost touch with each other.  We hadn’t seen or spoken in nearly 20 years when I started to think about her and what we once had.  One day I was hanging out on Facebook and chatting with old friends when I noticed a familiar face.  Her first name was the same of course but she had a new last name.  And why wouldn’t she?  It was weird because I was thinking about her that very day.

A couple days had passed but I couldn’t get her out of my mind.  I was so curious about how her life had been since the last time we were together.  I thought I was being safe so I sent her a friend request at like 3 in the morning.  Within 5 minutes I received a notice that she had accepted my request.  I remember having butterflies in my chest like I was a teenager again so I sent her a private message.  Before long, we were chatting like we hadn’t skipped a beat.  The 20 year absence was inconsequential.  And to top it all, she had been divorced for about 6 months and had been thinking a lot about me lately.

Here I was attracting a specific person who was also attracting me at the same time.  Law of Attraction and the universe were in harmony.  We started dating again and spent a lot of time with each other.

While everything was great for a while, I started to notice small things she would do or say that I didn’t like or I would do or say things she didn’t like. Over time, these small things built up and became like a barrier.  I had to come to terms with the fact that she was not the same person I fell in love with at 20.  She had changed considerably and so had I. I had used the Law of Attraction to bring her back into my life but she was not what I was really wanting.  I wanted the feeling of unbridled love but what I got was the second or third rung on her ladder of priorities. Again, this was not her fault, it was her new reality.

I was so certain she was my soul-mate but I was wrong.  We even dragged out the relationship for another 2 years but there came a time when I felt more alone with her than when I was away from her.  We were not meant to be and we parted ways again.

We were attracting the idea of love and companionship based on what we wanted 20 years ago and not based on what we desired now.

The point of this story is to show you that even though you can attract a specific person, you really need to question why you have chosen a specific person.  You would be happier if you focused on the feelings you want to attract and then the universe will align you with the person that is ready to share those feelings with you.

It is also here to show you that the specific person you are attempting to attract may be attempting to attract someone else which conflicts when using the Law of Attraction.


Forgive Yourself

Forgive yourself, forgive others, and be grateful for what you already have in your life.  By doing this, it will help heal your heart from the disappointment of past relationships.

Start to consider what you could do to generate the feeling that you are already sharing your life with your beloved.

If you are already with someone you once felt love for then focus on that love.  Focus on the feelings that brought you into that relationship in the first place.

Do this especially if your relationship has or is starting to fizzle out.  Don’t think about how things are now, focus on the way you want things to be and how they once were.  Focus on the love and you will attract more love.

If you are not in a relationship right now and you are feeling alone then the universe will bring you more loneliness.

If you tell yourself you are waiting on the perfect mate then the universe will bring you more waiting.

If you’re wanting something (or someone) all you get to have is the experience, the feeling of wanting.

If you have never been in a meaningful relationship then you can still attract the love you deserve but you have to feel the love.  Love yourself. Love your family. Love your friends.  The more you feel love, the more love the universe will send to you.  Love will find you.

Take Action

This is the part that most people forget to do.  You have to take action so that your conscious mind syncs up with your subconscious mind.  You can do this by taking certain actions that will help you move in the right direction.

Purchase a couple tickets for a concert that is coming in a couple months.  Make sure they are for a band or group that you know your potential mate likes.

Purchase some greeting cards that you will be giving out soon to your potential mate.

Plan that awesome vacation that you’re going to take with your new mate next summer.

If the soulmate you described is into fitness, then get a gym membership and go 3 times a week.

If he’s a foodie, then take a cooking class.

Know your soulmate then take an action that will put you in proximity and the Law of Attraction will do the rest.  Just be ready to recognize and accept it.

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