How does the Law of Attraction Explain Tragedy


Law of Attraction and Tragedy

How does the Law of Attraction explain tragedy?  That was the question asked of me at one of my small group meetings yesterday.  I’ve wanted to address this question for a while but especially in light of the tragic events that just happened in Orlando, Florida earlier in the week with the mass shooting at a night club.

We all know that according to the Law of Attraction our thoughts become our reality.  So, does that mean the victims of tragic events have attracted the situation that they experienced?

The short answer is yes and no.  Saying yes seems to be blaming the victim, while saying no seems to contradict what we think we know about the Law of Attraction.

Here are my thoughts.  The Law of Attraction is about syncing frequencies between an individual and the Universe.  Knowing this, I also know that very few people are deliberately attempting to sync frequencies; however, the LOA does not stop just because the individual is not deliberate.

Consider this possibility in the Orlando shooting; is it possible that someone in that gay nightclub was fearful of being persecuted for their chosen lifestyle?  Is it also possible that the LOA synced the frequencies of the persecutor and the persecuted?   It is one possibility but how does that explain the mass numbers of victims? Certainly, not all of them had feelings of persecution.

The easy answer is; there are forces beyond your control.

Victor Frankl, holocaust survivor and author, of Man’s Search for Meaning explains:

    “Forces beyond your control can take away everything you possess except one thing, your freedom to choose how you respond to a situation. You cannot control what happens to you in life, but you can always control what you will feel and do about what happens to you.”

Forces Beyond Your Control

I’m sure you can imagine the responses I received to that answer.  You’re probably sharing some of the same concerns.  It sounds like a “cop out” or contradiction to the LOA.

I can assure you that it is not and I’ll explain using an example that I mentioned in my free eBook.

I have a friend that recently lost a parent but prior to her loss she was asking for prayers and really trying to use the Law of Attraction to heal her dad.  She was doing everything she could to not allow negative thoughts to consume her.  Unfortunately, she could not manifest her desire for her parent to pull through the ordeal.  She then denounced the Law of Attraction because she couldn’t save her dad.

I consoled with her and explained that sometimes when we are trying to use the Law of Attraction on other people that we often meet up with resistance generated by that other person.  I asked her if she was aware of her dad’s thoughts about his condition and she responded that he was in a lot of pain and just wanted to let go.  He told her he lived a long happy and prosperous life and he only wished the same for her and her brother.  He told her to expect the worse but not to be sad, because it was his time.

Of course, they weren’t exactly the words she wanted to hear but she was very grateful to have last words with her dad.  I told her to hold onto that gratitude and concentrate on that and the love of her father and she would pull through.

A few months later we talked again and she thanked me for my advice. She told me that she feels grateful every day for the love she has for her family and friends and that is what ended her worry.

We can’t always use the Law of Attraction to help out other people because those other people are manifesting their own reality.  The feelings and vibrations they are sending out to the universe become a force beyond our control.


How to Respond to Tragedy

Knowing that there are forces beyond our control, it should be noted that we will always be in control of how we respond to any situation.  Use that control along with the Law of Attraction.

We have 3 natural reactions to tragedy; fright, flight, or fight.  It’s important that we allow ourselves to feel when the time is right, when the tragic event no longer poses immediate danger to you.  Make sure you replace any negative emotions with a greater love.

It’s also important that you don’t allow yourself to be or to assume the mentality of a victim. You’re not a victim you’re a survivor.  You’re in control of your reactions and you should reach out to others who are sharing a struggle with the tragedy and become a beacon of light.

As a beacon, you heal yourself and you help heal others which make you stronger.  Hold on to that strength.  Project that strength and you will attract more of it.



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