Limiting Self Beliefs is like Having Bugs on the Brain

limiting self beliefs

You Have Bugs in Your Brain

Limiting self beliefs are the bugs I’m talking about and soon you will understand how they are affecting your entire life.

Not too long ago some Japanese and German scientists working on the Fujitsu K supercomputer were able to mimic one second of what an average brain computes in a single day. They say that the human brain has the computing power of about 250,000 standard PCs. So in essence, our brains are the most powerful supercomputers in the known universe.

Look at what happens to many home computers. You’re surfing on the internet and clicking on links that take you to more information or ads to try and sell you something. Each time you click on a webpage or ad, your computer receives a cookie and once in a great while you probably click on something that adds some malware or a virus onto your computer. In most cases, that information overload will simply just slow down your computer but in some cases it will cause damage and you will have to run some anti-virus program to clean it up and reboot your system.

The same thing is happening with your brain. Over a lifetime of learning your brain is filled with useless information and some really bad information and every once in a while it receives some good information but you really can’t process that good information because there is too much clutter in there already. A lot of this bad information is called limiting self beliefs.

These limiting self beliefs are what causes you to fail in a business startup, fail in relationships, causes you to worry, brings you unneeded stress and anxiety, and puts your life in a continuous loop set up for failure. Limiting self beliefs carry a presupposition that nothing will change in the future.

This life-long learning of limiting self beliefs are holding you back and the only way to move forward is to run some anti-virus on your supercomputer brain.

You’re probably thinking there is no such thing and of course that too would be a limiting self belief and I’ll touch more on this subject a little later but for now, ask yourself this question; do you control your mind or does your mind control you?

Do You Control Your Mind or Does Your Mind Control You?

For most people, every single thought we have 24/7, including our dreams, is derived from ether our past decisions or future worries. There is no structure to our way of thinking, it is chaotic thought. Even when you are trying to use scientific methods of logic you are basing that logic on past experience.

The reason this is the case is because our minds are cluttered.  We need to un-clutter them and sort the good and the bad so we can begin to structure our thoughts so that they work for us instead of against us.

In The Law of Attraction, if you cannot control what you think then you cannot manifest the future you desire, you’ll only continue to manifest the limiting self beliefs you already have.

Learning to control your thought is a lot of work and it can take weeks, months, or years to master it but once you do master the process you can then use it over and over again for the rest of your life.

Your mind, like a supercomputer, needs maintenance from time to time like your car. Staying with this analogy, your car runs good with regular tune ups and so will your mind. The maintenance you perform on your mind is a mental exercise. It requires you to concentrate on just 15 seconds of positive thought. Go ahead, give it a try, but I warn you, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Put yourself in a quiet room with no television, music, video games, needy children, or any other sort of distraction.  Sit or lie down and try to clear your mind.  Think of absolutely nothing but blackness.  You are trying to achieve a clear slate for just 15 measly seconds.

Give it a try!

If you tried it then you will have noticed you might reach 2 or 3 seconds before images of your past or future worries started popping in. Try this; think of a moment in your life that gave you extreme pleasure. It could be the time you received your high school or college diploma or it could be the moment you first seen your newborn child, or received your first promotion or raise. Whatever the thought is, it should be personal and pleasurable to you. Once you have that thought then hold it and think of nothing else for 15 seconds. Continue practicing this until you can honestly say you thought about nothing else for those 15 seconds.  Remember that you are not trying to concentrate on all of the events that lead to your pleasure, only concentrate on the actual feeling of pleasure.  Everything else is just clutter.

This can be an exhausting experience because we all have so much clutter built up and so many limiting self beliefs that they sabotage any attempts at our conscious mind taking control of our subconscious mind. My guess is you will give it a couple tries then forget about it and continue on the way you are. If you do quit this exercise then ask yourself “why did I quit?” You can be sure the answer is with a limiting self belief.

I urge you to continue to practice the thought exercise above because this is the “secret” behind manifesting with the Law of Attraction.  Learning to clear your mind is like running an anti-virus on your supercomputer brain.  Run your anti-virus at least once a day and especially before you try to manifest something into your life.  If you cannot clear your mind it will be almost impossible to manifest what you truly desire.

Some people may call this meditation because it helps us gain a state of awareness or consciousness with nothing else. This is where we want our minds to be so that our conscious minds are not in constant battle with our subconscious minds.  And now it is time to wake up.

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